PRO Stereo Headphones

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Beautiful design with high-quality music - a wireless headset for all PRO gamers. We all need a break, so take one and enjoy it with music. 


1.Enjoy stereo music wirelessly
2.Unique foldable design make it portable
3.Remote hands free two-way chat
4.HI-FI, CD sound quality
5.Remote control to add further mobility
6.High-sensitive, multi -directional speaker for virtual surround sound
7.Supporting device: cellphone with Bluetooth function, iphone, Notebook, ipad etc
8.Operating Distance: ≧10mm without obstruction like building or magnetic field
9.Best Choice for listening music, watching movie, chatting online etc.
10.With SD card slot,a small SD card is enough for enjou music any time any where.

Package include:
1* Bluetooh Headset
1* USB Charging Cable
1* Audio Cable
1* User Manua